Elegance Series

The Elegance Series encompasses the more design elements of the DuritBOARD range, with a range of patterns and designs to suit different environments.

The DuritBOARD Elegance – Geometric Series is launching with STYLE! With the new designs, we are able to create more bespoke patterns and help our customers create magic in their lifestyles.

Our ever popular additional Elegance- Linear Series designs have been a staple in previous years. These are fully customizable depending on the area you are installing to, to ensure a seamless result.

Bespoke Engraving services are available to customers who wish to elevate their designs in our DuritBOARD Elegance – Engraving Series. Armed with the computer file, we are able to accomodate unique requirements to a very fine accuracy using top-of-the-range technology.