Multipurpose Fiber Cement Board
Functional and Decorative purposes

GERMAN Technology

itself is beauty
while beauty lies in its utility,
so utility is the purpose of nature, and nature is the embodiment of utility

About DuritBoard

Durit board fiber cement board (Aka DuritBoard) of for interior walls and external facades are high-density, high-performance panels that come in a large variety of textures, colours and could can be custom made to order according to unique design palettes with tailor made in different shapes and layouts. With their versatility of texture, colour, flexibilities design capabilities and ease of installation, Durit Board materials are designed for high-end interior feature walls and commercial buildings facades design – including Interior Home designs, office receptions, shop facades, feature walls and commercial buildings facades.


Our history is marked by a longstanding tradition of successful entrepreneurship throughout the end of last century’s sometimes mild and sometimes rough economic climate.
The foundation stone of our company established in 1989 which subsequently developed into a substantial network of surface finishing industries in Hong Kong China, China and Asia. The operation of Duritboard also comprised with different sectors which held various enterprises in the area of coatings solutions.